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MSF AGILE v5 Sprint/Iteration Start and End Dates

November 25, 2010 1 comment

Isn’t it convenient to work without any Start and End Dates for your Iteration/Sprints? A sliding 2 week window. Well the PMs don’t like it. Anyway in my org it’s a parody, whilst we Developers and Architects are developing cutting edge .NET 4.0, VS 2010, churning out ASP.NET MVC 2 apps (I know the Grails and Ruby community are sniggering), the PMs and rest of the org carry on with out-dated Office 2003 (Project, Excel) (un)Productivity suite.

TFS 2010 allows work item integration with Excel and MS Project. However the catch is you need to have Office 2010, MOSS 2010 to see and visualise seamless integration to WOW the CIOs & CTOS. All work item scheduling fields such as Start & End Dates for iteration can only be updated using MS Project as far as I know. I believe you can use Scrum Template instead of AGILE to have rich agile practice in your org.

For those of us who choose MSF AGILE v5, I found a free tool to manage AGILE projects. Telerik has a free download for TFS Work Item Manager & TFS Project Dashboard. Once you install and have played around with it –

  • Launch the Work Item Manager > View > Iteration Schedule to see all the iterations organized by Area and Iterations.
  1. Set you Start and End dates
  2. Set the predecessor similar to what you do on MS project

Now your reports and charts should be more meaningful. I simply like both TFS Work Item Manager & TFS Project Dashboard. I don’t like my managers sticking Postit notes on my screen every time I walk out to the loo. I am sure there are other tools from other vendors which might be capable of but this is the one my colleague pointed me at and I held onto.

Since then I have now added Scheduling and Planning fields to Bug Work item as well TFS 2010: Adding Scheduling/Planning Hours to MSF Agile Bug Work Item Template. GO PMs Knock yourself off…

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